Wednesday, March 7, 2012


very happy today! hubby got into the GP training job he has been dreaming of!!!

been worried sick for days. finally, what a relief!

Friday, February 24, 2012

ultimate stupidity.

Today was my dribing test day. I booked the test for 2.26pm. So i thought i might as well work half day in the morning, u know, just to take my mind off then i would probably not be too nervous. BIG MISTAKE. i was a bit too not-nervous.

The morning was busy with a tight schedule as usual. The very first patient was my driving instructor's son. He even said good luck to me for my test.

At 1pm, just 5 minutes before my instructor came to pick me up from the practice, i thought i would get my provisional driving license out. Then i realised it wasnt there. I checked a couple times but i couldnt find it. I panicked and called my hubby to help me find it at home. He couldnt see it either.

Then the instructor came. I drove his car to my place and looked for the license desperately while he waited downstairs. The search went on for like 40 minutes. I started getting very annoyed and being me, I started taking it out on my hubby. Then i decided i would never find it, I went down to tell the instructor. He said go make a duplicate and rebook the test. Unfortunately I would have to burn my booking fees-60pounds!.

Anyway, i went back up to my place. And like an idiot i started crying like a baby. I couldnt stop being mad at myself. Hubby Allen was wiping my tears trying to comfort me. I cried for a good 15 minutes before i calmed down. All of a sudden, Allen asked me "baby where is your theory pass certificate?" I went to the book shelf and got it and guess what, my license was with the certificate!

It was 2.17pm then. I quickly called the instructor and asked him to turn back to my place. He did. But when he got to my place, it was 2.25pm. ONE MINUTE AWAY FROM MY TEST. And we still had to drive to the test centre. The instructor said the examiner would not tolerate any lateness. So I didnt even make it to the test.

I went back up again and started crying like an idiot again. Allen kept saying to me "its ok baby dont be upset its only 60pounds".

It wasnt just about the 60pounds. I had to book half a day off work despite my hectic schedule to do the test. And now i have to book another day off again. More importantly, the whole drama could have been prevented shall I have been more careful.

In my head i couldnt stop thinking:
-If I checked my wallet sooner I would have realised it wasnt there
-If I havnt worked in the morning I would have realised it wasnt there sooner
-If I didnt spend a good 15minutes crying after the instructor left i would have found the license sooner
-If i made it somehow to the test I would have passed my test
-If I have passed my test I would have bought a car tmr
-If i bought a car I can drive anyway all I like

Maybe its all fate. The timing was a serious bit*h. ONE MINUTE before my test?!

Or maybe, more likely, its just my pure stupidity.

A tragic experience indeed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

farah! congrats!

i couldnt sleep last time. got my biological clock all messed up again bcos of too much champagne on new year's eve and got up really late on new year.

was killing time on msn and my old friend farah suprised me big time. she got engaged on xmas day!!! i was so happy i could literally cry.

farah has had a rough time with relationship for almost half a decade. she was a great girlfriend, who sacrificed a lot for the other half, but things dont always work out in reality, he never realli treated her right. there were a lot of tears and disappointment before the break-up.

she was a strong girl. we have always told her she deserves a perfect guy. now she found him!

she was telling me that the lucky guy loves her loads, and she feels so special and blessed.

i wish u all the very best in life farah!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


2012 will be a very special year. It will be the year when i am no longer a MISS but a MRS. i am not sure if i will be used to the idea of having a ring on my left hand, or if i will fill the right title column in all types of forms.

my new year resolutions this year are
1. Be a good wife (i know right! lol).
2. Pass my driving test.
3. Get my MJDF diploma.
4. Do more exercise to get rid of my fats and have a more toned-up body.
5. Be less grumpy , more appreciative and more easily contented.
6. Snack less. Drink more water.

let's hope 2012 will be a wonderful year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

one year already ^^

happy one year anniversary. it has been a great year. so many happy moments with u. lets hope for many more wonderful years to come!

love u!

Xmas work presents.

xmas is coming and my workplace is still very busy but the staffs have been super excited about the awaitng holiday.

micah my very smiley, beautiful and lovely nurse got me some wonderful FCUK gifts. (i know, i should be the one getting her presents but i have been super busy lately... micah i will make it up to u!!)

and a pair of very cool socks to keep me warm for the cold winter.

i am in severe need to go for a nice holiday. however allen will be working over xmas, and i will be the only dentist working in the whole practice for the next week as well. friend faz invited us to join a paris disneyland trip on a half price offer. but i guess we have to pass. busy busy. need a break!

Monday, December 12, 2011

busy busy.

it has been crazily busy these days.

work, of cos, is as stressful as usual.

weekends are now packed as well.

last weekend of november i was in newcastle attending the super interesting inman course.

then the next wek, our whole practice proudly attended the dentistry award in leicetser (nominated as north west best practice and our boss best young dentist)! ^^

then week after, drove all the way to leyland to pick up my beauty parcel (postman missed us 3 times!). then to manchester to do some shopping. the whole city was packed with ppl trying to do xmas shopping. and i need to say a BIG thank you to my baby allen for my very very amazing xmas present! my long-awaited lady dior^^